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The word holistic may be overused. But the reality is that you need to treat yourself or a client as a whole integrated system. Otherwise any change you make is likely to be short lasting. And the same applies to holistic light therapy.

There’s nothing complicated about looking at people as whole-istic. However looking at light and light therapy holistically is often overlooked. We take for granted that light is always available. But just because it’s available does not mean we are using it to it’s full potential or even that we should use it at all.

So holistic light therapy is about taking the subject of light beyond just one or two common uses. And even the timing of light exposure can have a dramatic effect on your health. As you will discover learning more about light.

In this article I will briefly introduce a few of the most important concepts of light therapy used intelligently for health and well-being.

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Are holistic light therapy results real


There is only so far that science can go to prove the effectiveness of something. A positive result can be considered either proven, spontaneous, unexplained or the placebo effect. Science can indeed show us that something is proven, plausible, or unlikely. But it can only do so if certain paradigms are accepted as never changing.

The irony!? Modern science is now at a place where the closer we look, the weirder and more limitless life seems to be. The paradigms ARE changing.

Science takes us so far.., and then ‘Magic’ occurs.

There are many proven holistic uses of light therapy that are undisputed.

Light is used for both physical and emotional healing and benefit already. And two examples of this are UV light to treat serious skin conditions or SAD lamps used to treat depression.

And there are many more uses of light therapy still under investigation as science learns more.


Many claims are made about uses of light including brainwave entrainment light machines. I think the easiest way of summing them up is with a general statement that could apply to any device, technique or medication. Some claims are true for many people and some claims are true for some people.

The results are very real for those who get them. And therapeutic applications of light are high up on the list of scientific topics studied in modern times.

“When I arrived I had severe pain. 5 minutes into the session the pain just disappeared. It was just gone. And it stayed away too.”

M Marianna

Light is fundamental to life and health


The common reasons for this would not surprise anyone. But what about the less obvious? Because exposure to light at the wrong times can completely shift your internal metabolism. And this can lead to insomnia, illness and mental decline. Not enough light can do the same thing.

Even the wrong type or wavelength of light can harm us.

And it goes deeper than that.

Science itself now even shows that our brains communicate by way of light in the form of biophotons. For more on that read:

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Coloured light therapy


I outline some of the more interesting research using various colour wavelengths of light in the two articles called ‘In LIGHT we trust’. For example using near infra-red (NIR) light to heal issues below skin level. Because NIR light has the ability to penetrate under the skin.

These type of treatments are done by concentrating one part of the overall light spectrum. And the colour chosen is based on it’s wavelength and how our body is designed to respond to that wavelength.

White light in reality isn’t white at all. White light is made up of all the colours that we see and some that we don’t. And light itself is just one part of the overall soup of electro-magnetic energy that we live in.  This Ranges from AC electricity and radio-waves to cosmic radiation from other parts of the universe.

Unfortunately for us some of the man made forms of electro-magnetic energy are not entirely good for us. Some of which I outline in this introduction to the Schumann resonance video:

Light now needs to be used purposefully. Because with technology, we have taken away our ancestral ways of living with nature. More and more society seeks to control and change nature. Sometimes, we realise that we have already changed it, and that we now need to change it back. And this is why the holistic use of light therapy is important.

I outline the correct purposeful use of light to improve sleep in volume one of the ‘better sleep series’. And this ranges from what light bulbs to buy, to how to reset your internal body clock.

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Knowing this information also tells you how to use light purposely to increase awareness and focus.


Light frequencies, brain EEG, and health


Brain activity is measured as frequencies ranging from slow wave Delta to fast wave Gamma. And one of the more common ways of measuring brain activity is with an Electroencephalogram (EEG) machine. This measures tiny electrical currents in the brain via electrodes on the head. And these measurements are recorded as ‘cycles per second’ or Hertz (Hz).

Different brainwaves are associated with various states, and with health and well-being.

IE: Certain bands of brainwave frequency tend to have more common associations with them.

Theta (4-8Hz) is known for it’s trance and meditation benefits. While Beta (12-32Hz) is a more active brain state where focus and creativity are more likely to occur.

Some bands of frequency like Gamma (>32Hz) even have potential breakthroughs in medical use. Such as the use of 40Hz to help prevent or maybe even reverse age related challenges like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Delta (0.5-4Hz) is associated with deep restorative sleep where recovery and repair take place.

Neurotransmitters and brainwaves


There are some chemical and neurotransmitter correlations too with certain brain activity.

Theta is associated with GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid ) which is a modulator and inhibitor of other transmitters. This can lead to over stimulation of the nervous system when lacking. And this often results in challenges like stress. Under stimulation can result in things like depression.

Beta brainwaves are often associated with Dopamine. This is a chemical usually activated in response to reward or the promise of reward.

Alpha (8-12Hz) brainwaves are associated with Acetylcholine, in part responsible for memory.

Delta waves, are primarily present during deep sleep. These have links to the lymphatic system, the removal of toxins from the body, and human growth hormone (HGH) release.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list. Nor are the roles of these brainwaves or neurotransmitters limited in any way to just these processes. Because they all work in unison to regulate our body and mind and keep us healthy.


Stroboscopic light machines, brainwave entrainment and holistic light therapy


One of the most effective ways of altering a persons brainwave activity is with light pulsed at the desired target frequency. Holistic light therapy can then take on a role that goes beyond the benefits of the light alone. Photic/light driven brainwave entrainment is an example of this and the devices are sometimes referred to as light machines.

The experience’s of many users of this technology show that mental and physical health benefits can and do become a reality.

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) or audio visual entrainment (AVE) devices take advantage of a natural ability of the brain. The brain has the ability and habit of synchronising to, and following, a repeating external stimulation. Using flickering light is an example. By using a frequency that is in the Theta range, a person can be encouraged to enter the dream like state. Once at that frequency, they can be held there as they ‘entrain’ to that frequency and state. And this can be done very quickly, often short-cutting years of meditative practice.


Meditation at the push of a button


One of the biggest benefits of the roXiva RX1 is the resulting meditative and trance states that people consistently get into.

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And this alone is a huge step forward in health for many people. There is ample research about meditative practices and the benefit to our bodies and minds. Light and sound meditation is an effective means to get you there.

In fact in this recent study it was found that just 8 weeks of meditation training resulted in significant increased ability to switch between alert and relaxed states by the participants.

8 weeks of meditation can make your brain quicker >>>

Many owners of brainwave entrainment devices use the technology with clients to enhance other practices.


Common effects of audio visual brainwave entrainment


How does brainwave entrainment or audio visual entrainment most commonly effect us.

1) Balancing left and right brain hemispheres.

2) Boosting weak or missing brain frequencies.

3) Increased cerebral blood flow.

4) Stress relief and better sleep from deep relaxation with lower frequencies.

5) Improved activity levels and mood with higher frequencies.

6) Interrupting a habitual brain pattern – (For example pain relief and emotional release)


These results are pretty indirect but common.

Meditation is an example of something that is rarely stated as a cure. But more and more it is recommended as a source of potential benefit to mental and physical ailments. And meditation at the push of a button? Well.., sign me up!


Relief from stress


Stress is one of those common challenges that people face that has well known negative effects on health. Stress and anxiety can even interfere with how much nutrition is absorbed from the food you eat. For a comprehensive review of ways to relieve or eliminate stress and anxiety read: 

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One neurological cause of stress is the reduction of activity or even complete shutdown of one side of the brain known as hemispheric de-synchronisation.

Brain synchronisation is the opposite of this and is the goal of some therapeutic processes. This includes audio visual stimulation and brainwave entrainment.

These processes practiced regularly can initiate a type of neuroplasticity. The forming of new neural pathways for improved mental states and well-being.

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Achieving brain balance


Balance is one of the results that correct use of BWE seeks to encourage. Frequency balance, left/right hemisphere balance, active/passive balance, and external/internal focus balance. Science based studies show that a mental imbalance can be responsible for a wide range of both mental and physical challenges. It’s no secret any longer that the mind can and does effect the body.

People with ADHD are often found to have a lack of Alpha and Beta brainwaves for example. These brainwaves are present in a calm but outwardly focused and active mind. With stimulation and training, adding these back can help these people in their ability to communicate and focus. More than this is going on with people who get these labels of different behaviour. So this is a simplistic view. But the positive results apply none the less.

Brain balance is also facilitated by the correct timing of light exposure. As discussed in the ‘better sleep series’, light plays a large role in maintaining or adjusting our internal body clock or circadian rhythm. With the ability to extend light exposure way beyond what nature intended, comes potential issues. Regulation of mood, energy and mental health are all effected. Which of course very quickly leads to problems with physical health too. Light use and therapy without a holistic view, misses the point.


The nervous system is constantly changing


Everywhere we go and everything we do, our nervous system is attempting to find balance and a sense of homeostasis. And this happens with or without our conscious awareness.

Balance is fundamental in life. The body/mind is aware of, and looking for, patterns. This is it’s way of learning and adjusting to the outside world.

Something experienced once with little emotion attached to it will soon be forgotten. But something that is a repeating pattern or that has significant emotion attached to it can and does become a part of our unconscious learning. This learning is seen as something to be prepared for in case it happens again in the future. Therefore it effects our beliefs and actions or lack or actions.

An isolated event can permanently effect our lives with strong enough emotion. Like when someone develops a phobia. Brain and emotional states can become part of our lives with repetition.., either purposely or by accident.


Technology can entrain us


Some researchers even suspect that the EMF’s coming off your mobile phone can entrain you. They could cause one side of the brain to get overstimulated and shut down as that side tries to entrain itself to the frequency of the phone. Remember what was said earlier about stress being a shutdown of one side of the brain. Sounds far fetched perhaps but EMF’s are simply electromagnetic frequencies just like light. And electromagnetic stimulation is in fact one purposeful use of brainwave entrainment.

So life in it’s growing complexity has an effect on our minds just by being part of it.

The central nervous system is an electrochemical one and not surprisingly is linked to our immune system. Healing is as much a mental process as a physical one.


Holistic light therapy & health benefits come from consistency


Show me an athlete who trains once and declares themselves at the top of their game. It doesn’t work like that.

Repetition is key.

Mental training is the same.

Take the following two points together for an potential idea on how this works.

Research shows that fasting (not eating) for as little as 72 hours can have an effect on the immune system comparable to a reset.

Research on head trauma sufferers also shows a direct link between the immune system and the nervous system. IE: If the nervous system is under-functioning, there is a corresponding under-functioning of the immune system, and vice versa.

So with that link established consider the following. Is it possible that 72 hours is an approximate reset time for the nervous system as well?


Go to the mental gym regularly


Consider also how many times the advice is given to do something physical or mental at least three times a week. This fits with this 72 hour window of reset. Doing something less often than that may result in little or no adaption taking place. The system resets itself back to the original state instead of changing.

This is just an educated guess on my part. There would naturally be exceptions to this. Like with heavy weight training or constant mental stress. In this case more than 72 hours is sometimes needed for recovery.

Momentum and progress are key to any success. It’s true that success breeds success. And having a tool or skills that are always there ready to take you on a journey is invaluable.


Create your own magic in action with holistic light therapy


I have assisted thousands of people to get the most out of using brainwave entrainment technology. And I have witnessed many common and some uncommon results.

Almost everyone has what would be considered the more common results of deep relaxation states. Everyone gets amazing visual displays of colour and movement also. Often psychedelic in nature. And with the addition of integrated audio in the RX1 the experiences have become even more immersive and effective.

Pain subsiding or disappearing is a result that sometimes surprises people. In some cases this is the first time someone really lets go and relaxes properly. The relief from stress and anxiety is addictive. The benefits of that with a corresponding lift in mood done consistently over time, are huge.


Consistent progress is key to any change you want to make. Meditation becomes something you do a few times a year at a retreat to try to make up for the rest of the year without consistency. With consistency meditation becomes simply a new way of being. Something that you find time to do each day with or without a tool to assist you.

The Roxiva RX1 really has to be experienced to be understood. I highly recommend you create the opportunity to do so. And take the time to learn more about using light holistically and as tool for therapy. What can you do starting today on a consistent basis that will set you in a new direction?

The answer to that question, if acted upon, will make you one of the few who do, versus the many who talk.


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